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Neuromuscular therapy is a massage modality used to relieve a variety of pain issues. Based on neurological science, it works to bring the body’s central nervous system, and musculoskeletal system back to balance. Using Swedish massage techniques, along with trigger point release, neuromuscular therapy deactivates trigger points in the soft tissue, and lengthens chronically shortened muscles.

This modality is highly effective on its own, or as a treatment to compliment chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and other health care systems. We utilize neuromuscular therapy techniques within most of our integrative massage treatments. Neuromuscular therapy can relieve pain syndromes associated with the following, and more:

• Sports injuries (strains and sprains)

• Motor vehicle injuries

• Repetitive motion injuries (thoracic outlet, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more)

• Accumulative injuries (such as TMJ)

• Skeletal problems (such as spinal disc herniation)

Neuromuscular Therapy


Swedish massage is the base of most of many of our treatments. It is a deeply healing massage therapy technique that flows and relaxes the recipient. Swedish massage traditionally involves a deep tissue approach but can be performed with light touch, depending on client needs. This technique within an integrated healing bodywork system has numerous benefits to treat a variety of pain syndromes, is incorporated in sports massage to enhance performance and recovery, and is excellent for deep relaxation and preventative health.

Deep Tissue Swedish
Prenatal Massage


Massage therapy can be beneficial to women in all stages of pregnancy. Mothers-to-be endure vast changes in the body, which can also impact the mind and spirit. Prenatal massage relieves common aches and pains associated with pregnancy, such as back and hip pain. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, positioning during the treatment may be side-lying with pillows and props. Expecting moms report feeling very comfortable and supported in these positions, allowing them to deeply relax during the massage. Pregnancy is a sacred time in a woman’s life; and it’s an honor to provide healing for expecting mommas!



A special pre-reserve day of specialty massage treatments for moms and their tribe of ladies. Treatments include our always awesome massage therapy with an added element of "yum". Let us take care of you Saturday May13 with massage, mimosas, hand crafted chocolates + deserts, and goodie bags. Pre-reserve and pre-pay by calling (406) 871-8609

Treatment Menu:

"Yummy Mummy"    Custom massage treatment with an added luxury of cocoa and shea butter chocolate oils, and extra attention to the scalp and feet if desired. Enjoy a handcrafted chocolate truffle, choice of mimosa or other bevy, and a surprise goodie bag. 30 / $65 60 / $100 90 / $145 2 Hr. / $195

""Mellow Mummy"    Custom massage infused with the power packed healing of full-spectrum local and organic CBD massage oil. Complete with extra attention to a facial massage using Montana Pure Botanicals luxurious hemp face serum. Indulge in a 25 mg or 50 mg full spectrum CBD gummy for added relaxation, 30 / $70 60 / $105 90 / $150 2 Hr. / $200

"Mama + Me"    Bond with your mini-me, sis or bestie in the same treatment room for a side-by-side massage. Enjoy a dessert and a mimosa or other beverage, and a surprise goodie bag! 60 min/ $200 90 min /$290

Women's Health


Sports massage benefits everyday athletes as well as professionals, and has been scientifically proven to enhance performance, to aide in recovery, to speed healing from common injuries and more. Many athletes and physically active people receive regular massage treatment at least once a month for prevention, increasing treatments to twice a week for three to four weeks leading up-to their sports goal or event. Post-event massage is highly encouraged as it speeds recovery and treats injury.  

Sports Massage


Melt into ultimate relaxation; add hot stone massage to any treatment. Stones are warmed and applied throughout the massage, to relax shortened or overstretched muscles. This spa treatment aides in healing by improving circulation and promoting deep relaxation. The earth element of stones provides balancing on an energetic level, leaving the client feeling grounded in mind, body, and spirit. Uniquely beautiful, Alaskan volcanic stones are integrated into a regular massage treatment, which is based on
the client’s individual health needs.

Hot Stone Massage
Spa and Wellness


Feel the profound benefits of Montana Pure Botanical's full-spectrum hemp massage oil. Long-used for relaxation, hemp massage oil hydrates, nourishes, and calms the whole body while promoting the highest level relaxation with hundreds of bioactive compounds including CBD, THC, terpenes, and more


This power-packed treatment provides ultimate healing and may help to reduce symptoms associated with pain and inflammation in the body. Our clients report loving this topical treatment to reduce pain from arthritis, tendonitis, chronic and acute inflammation, skin problems and more. We use Montana Pure Botanicals because it is organic, locally-made in small batches, grown from Montana's soil by locals, and highly concentrated and potent with healing compounds from the whole hemp plant. 

Add CBD massage oil to any massage treatment for an additional $10. 

herbal massage experience


Yes, we accept massage clients who have been in recent motor vehicle accidents or work place accidents under workers' compensation claims. Motor vehicle accidents and injuries incurred on the jobsite are unfortunate experiences that can leave the victim with pain conditions associated with the impact of injury. It can also be confusing as to where to seek help, and how to proceed with the next steps in healing. We have great sensitivity to these issues, and take care to help our clients find the help that they need. 

Massage therapy can have profound impacts on the healing process post-accident, often speeding up healing time and providing relief from pain. Soft tissue injuries associated with whiplash (neck + shoulders), back, knee, arms, and wrists are common with motor vehicle accidents. Work place injuries can also include a multitude of musculoskeletal imbalances. We will evaluate each clients needs in an initial phone call, and during their first visit with an intake interview. Each massage therapy session will include a detailed check-in with the client to evaluate progress and what is needed to achieve health goals in each session.

Clients who have been in an accident and are needing massage therapy for healing, must have a physicians referral for massage therapy (with diagnosis codes), and accident claim information from motor vehicle insurance or from workers compensation. 

workers comp accidents


V Esthetics brings us full-service esthetician treatments including signature facials, nano facials, full-body waxing and more! Veronica Pipinich of V Esthetics offers high-end treatments right around the hall from our massage treatment rooms. You can now book a massage + a facial in one visit, for a day of true healing and pampering. Please call V Esthetics @ 406-207-9780 to reserve your skin-care appointment, or visit her website for booking and more information V Esthetics Website

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