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Angela Joy Boyce, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist, RN

Angela is an adept practitioner with over ten years experience as a massage therapist, a doula, and is also a registered nurse and working at Logan Health. Passionate about the healing arts, Angela has had extensive continuing education and holds the title Natural Therapeutics Specialist (NTS) from New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, for her studies of various holistic modalities. Angela has a unique skill-set and interest in working with women's health, pregnancy, and birth. She has attended births for over a decade as a doula alongside midwives.

Angela's touch is relaxing, therapeutic, and intentful. She provides a quality massage which has helped with a wide range of client complaints - from sports injuries, chronic pain syndromes, preganancy issues + pain, and much more. Angela holds natural self-care in high regard, practicing what she preaches by receiving regular massage, taking time to hotspring, trail run, exercise and meditate. All while being a mom of two, a wife, and working two jobs. She's a fantastic human with good energy and a high-quality bodyworker!

Angela Joy Boyce, LMT
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