How can massage therapy help me?

Massage therapy is scientifically proven to benefit a variety of health conditions. Massage is great for general stress management and relaxation, though it can also help with chronic pain conditions and injury rehabilitation. It is important to address your specific needs when calling to make an appointment. I encourage this discussion for first-time massage clients.

I have never had a massage, what should I expect during my first massage?

First, you should call us to discuss your needs and to see if massage can help your specific health goals. First-time clients should typically schedule at least a one hour massage. Arrive 5 minutes early to discuss the intake form that you may have filled out online, during your booking process. Your massage therapist will then leave the treatment room to give the you privacy to get ready for the massage. Clients can disrobe to their comfort level, and lays down under a sheet and blanket on the massage table. You are fully covered by a sheet and blanket during the treatment, except for the areas being worked on. For example: we fold-down the sheet to expose the shoulders to work on the shoulders, arm, leg, ect. The draping is very discreet and provides our clients with comfort and security. We typically use organic oils on the skin during the massage treatment, unless the client prefers to be treated over-the-clothes. The massage treatment may also include some assisted stretching. When the massage is finished, the practitioner leaves the room to allow the recipient to get dressed. After the treatment, we will discuss any findings, and will provide recommendations for post-massage self care, such as stretches, rest, nutrition, or referrals for other health care providers.

Are you licenced in Montana?

Yes, all of our massage therapists hold a current State of Montana licence to practice massage therapy. Additionally, Montana requires licensed massage therapists to take regular continuing education classes. This ensures and validates that Montana massage therapists stay current and ethical in the profession.

How often should I get massage?

In a perfect world, most people can benefit from massage once a week. I know that time and funding doesn’t always allow for a weekly massage, in this case I highly recommend a monthly massage or during seasonal changes. Though every person is different, and some need more or less regular treatments to achieve the desired state of health.

Do you receive massage, and who gives you a massage?

Yes! As practitioners, we love getting massage. We all notice a difference in our productivity on a professional and personal level when we recieve massage. We trade massage sessions with each other in our practice at Peak Health Massage, and see a variety of practioners throughout Flathead Valley. Self care is very important, and well...practice what you preach, right?

Where are you located?

As of March 1, 2021, we are located in downtown Kalispell at 22 2nd Avenue West, Suite 1300. Look for a tall, brick, professional building near Desoto Grill. There is an elevator in the building.

Where do I park at your place of business?

There is a parking lot, so no-more circling the city to find a spot! Access the parking lot from 3rd Avenue West, the lot has client spots in the rear of our building. If parking in this rear lot, enter the building from the back entrance, the stairs take you straight down to the office. You may also park on the street in front, on 2nd avenue West. The front entrance provides stairs and an elevator that goes down to our suite. Peak Health Massage is located downstairs, and shares a reception and welcome area with Flathead Chiropractic.

Do you accept credit cards, cash, or check?

Yes, yes, and yes. We make it as easy as possible. Thanks for coming in!

Can I book online?

Yes, you can book online, and it is very easy to do. Though, If you do not see a day or time on our online calendar, please feel free to call (406) 871-8609.

What is a Trigger Point?

There are many common trigger points throughout the body; they are characterized by a sensitive area in the muscle or connective tissue (fascia), and can cause pain or discomfort upon compression of the area. Sometimes the associated pain symptoms can refer to other areas in the body. Trigger points may manifest for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to: injury, postural or structural imbalance, repetitive motion, stress, and overuse. Many trigger points may exist in areas that feel like "knots" where the soft tissue feels shortened or stressed. Massage therapy helps to elleviate trigger points by re-establishing healthy communication between the muscle and the nervous system, concurrently providing pain relief and increased range of motion. Once trigger points are addressed through massage and manual therapies, the client feels a tremendous sense of relief and can often continue their healing process with strength building and more.